About Kristin


Trained to think critically

Kristin earned a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Bates College and went on to receive her Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography from the MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute's Joint Program in Oceanography/Applied Ocean Science & Engineering. Following that, Kristin completed her post-doctoral work at Rutgers University.

A leader in the classroom

Kristin taught in an adjunct capacity at Boston College and North Shore Community College, before starting an appointment as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Colgate University. In 2013, she joined the Salem State University faculty as an Assistant Professor of Chemistry and has taught there ever since. Many of her students are graduates of Salem's public schools.

Committed to the community

Kristin served on the City of Salem's Renewable Energy Task Force, today called the Sustainability, Resiliency, and Energy Committee, using her expertise and dedication to guide the City's sustainability initiatives, climate change adaptation and planning, and renewable energy projects. The parent of two Bates Elementary School students, Kristin has also served on the Bates School Council.

Bringing science to Salem kids

As a faculty member at Salem State, Kristin has worked directly with students at the Horace Mann Laboratory School - both in the classroom and in the field, at Salem Woods and the Forest River Conservation Area. She's also volunteered for STEM career counseling and science demonstrations at the Collins Middle School and the New Liberty Innovation School, and has brought hands-on science activities into classes at Bates Elementary School.

A voice for families

In 2007, Kristin married Dominick Pangallo and they are today raising their two daughters on Buffum Street, in the same neighborhood where Dominick grew up. This Fall, their daughters will be in the 4th grade and kindergarten at the Bates Elementary School. From Salem Youth Soccer at McGrath to swim lessons at the Salem YMCA, from romps at the Salem Willows to bicycling around Greenlawn, Kristin and her family are deeply engaged in the community and enjoy all that raising a family in Salem has to offer!